A Gangster And An Author - Styles P Interview

There’s no pigeon holing Styles P. Any attempt to box him in as simply another “Gangster” rapper is immediately thwarted by the sound of the empowering “I’m Black” or the uplifting “We Gonna Make It”. This founding member of The LOX has built his solo reputation on banging tracks, surprising successes and silencing naysayers. But the thought of Styles P transitioning from rapper to author is arguably his most jarring career turn yet. Following his loaded Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival performance, The-Quotable.com chopped it up with Styles P on that very topic. Microphone check, check, check, check....

TCM: The-Quotable.com here with Styles P. Live show. How do you feel about Brooklyn Bodega?

Styles P: I love it. Love it. Love it. I LOVE IT! I get fuckin crazy here.

TCM: Yo, you got great crowd response, man. Old shit. New shit. The one thing I really want to ask you about is Mr. Invincible, coming out on Nicki Turner Presents...

Styles P: Nicki Turner Presents/Random House. I mean, I just wanted to do something different, like, you know what I’m sayin? I been in Hip Hop a long time. I plan on being in it til I pass. You know what I’m sayin? And besides, um, music theres other things. Theres books. Other things you can do - TV. So I’m just tryin’ to expand my horizons and get into other shit that everybody ain’t into. You know what I’m sayin’? Um, I’m a creative person. I like making shit up. My minds always runnin’, like, you know what I’m sayin? So I figured I’d put it to use.

TCM: Can you get a little into the plot?

Styles P: Its like a jail mystery. Its basically about a dude who ends up, end up going to jail over something that happens and he has his trials and tribulations during the time, but he’s not really sure who he has a problem with, you know what I’m sayin? Its just a righteous dude trying to live righteous. It just shows like, basically, shit happens some times.

TCM: Something everybody can relate to...

Styles P: Yeah. Not everybody. But, you know, people who fuck with me can definitely relate to it. Or, pretty sure they know someone else who can relate to it.

TCM: There you go. So when is it hitting shelves?

Styles P: Um, I’m trying to finish it up like within these next 3 weeks, and then, I figure a couple months after that.

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