United Front - brokn.englsh Interview

On or off stage, brokn.englsh is a united front. The chemistry between Lyriq2Go, Cion Burris, and Myk Dyaleks is as natural as a vegan diet and immediately apparent upon first introduction. These three mic titans are more than just band members - they are friends. Legitimate homies. They genuinely enjoy kicking it with each other. And that crucial ingredient mixed with pulsating energy and earnest showmanship provides the formula for their eye-locking live show. FACT.

The-Quotable.com kicked it with the Brick City trio just before their Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival debut. Read on muttaskuttas, read on.

TCM: The-Quotable.com chillin with Brokn.Englsh on the eve of let them know how Brokn.Englsh get down. Cause we like to have a good time. And let people know ‘hey its Hip Hop, we can have fun.’ But we give you good quality music as well.

TCM: Now, during the last Show & Prove, you guys had crazy energy. You broke down the old skool dancing, jumping down in the crowd. Are we looking at a similar song set up? What tracks are you going to perform?

C. Burris: Um, I’d say its a similar song set up. Not the exact same show. But a very similar set up. We switched it up a little bit. But when they cut down the time, or cut the 2nd stage, we had to nip a couple things in the bud. But its still going to be an awesome show regardless. You know?

Lyriq2Go: Definitely. Always. Yeah.

TCM: Brooklyn Bodega is now going on its 5th year. This is now becoming an institution in New York - for festivals in general, but for Hip Hop specifically. Can you guys talk a little about the impact the Bodega’s had so far?

C. Burris: Well, honestly I remember from the first one when it was Little Brother, and its real good to see that its come so far. In such a short time, you know...like you said, its become an institution. We’re just happy to be a part of that....

Lyriq2Go: And its crazy because, just last year, we were in Myk’s basement, ‘you know what, next year we’re gonna be on that stage.’ And I ain’t gon’ front, I wast thinkin’ ‘like you crazy!’ But you know what? We here. [Laughs] You know? We here.

Myk Dyalekt: Its all about realizing your dreams, man, and supporting. We have to support the venues. We have things like Brooklyn Hip Hop. We’re from Jersey. We have a Jersey...a Newark Hip Hop Festival that we actually do the same thing with. Its about having people come out and represent for those artists that work all year - run around on hot trains and try to make this music happen for themselves, man.

TCM: B.E. Webisode. Whens the next one dropping?

Lyriq2Go: The next one should be dropping...if not next week...in 2 weeks. But I’m gonna try to make it out next week, cause a lot of people ask me for it. And we got a lot of material, so you gonna see that shortly. Trust me, you gonna enjoy it. Trust me.

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