Not Every Angel Is Innocent

Lurking in the midst of Manhattan's East Village lies The City's livest Hip Hop open mic night - End of the Weak. Rockin' every Sunday night at The Pyramid (Avenue A between 6th and 7th), End of the Weak, or EODUB, showcases top flight lyrical talent from across the 5ive Boroughs, Jersey, CT, etcetera. This isn't some novice shit. These cats can spit. The name, End of the Weak, perfectly fits.

We recently caught up with EODUB part-time host and recording artist, Angel Thomas. Read on and step inside her thoughts on co-hosting with (ill Femcee) Sara Kana, controlling a crowd of Emcees, and “artists out there that should be having way more”. This is the part where you all show love...

TCM: here with one-half of (the group) A.S.K., Angel, how are you doing?

Angel: Hey, whats good? How you doin?

TCM: Alright, alright. So, you’re one of the hosts of EODUB, one of the regular Emcees. A.S.K., is this an official group?

Angel: Well actually, you know whats real funny about that is, um, me and SK (Sara Kana) we’ve been down with The Dub for years, you know what I’m sayin? And like, we’ve been trying to get together, not quite make it a ladies night. And it just worked out, me and her, we’re going to be hosting together on a regular basis. And I was just playing around in the house and I was like “oh, you know what you can do, you can ASK us something!”, you know? Cause, you know, my initials is AT, so I play around, I’m where its AT! [Laughs]. Me and SK - remember to ASK somebody! [Laughs] Yeah, so...

TCM: Yall are live on stage, man. Crazy, crazy energy...

Angel: I mean, yeah, SK brings it out. She’s a hard body female so I gotta step up my game. I’m tryna be like her...

TCM: She’s lyrically dope.

Angel: Yeah, she’s definitely, you know, battle champion too.

TCM: Cool. So, from a female standpoint, hosting EODUB - longest running open mic Hip Hop night...

Angel: Longest running weekly Hip Hop open mic. You know, before I take someone else’s credit. Almost 9 years...

TCM: Fair, fair enough. So, are there any challenges to rocking a crowd thats pretty much all Emcees every single night?

Angel: Well you know whats funny? Its actually, you know - our biggest challenges aren’t rocking crowds, cause thats like, you know, and freestyle, thats kinda like what we grew up on. Our biggest thing is crowd control! You know us ladies, we need bouncers or something cause people try to get tough like yo, I’m a rapper! I wanna rap now! Bitches! And we’re like “I can’t believe we have to be this aggressive.” So, you know - respect the ladies! God, you don’t do it when Big Zoo’s up there! Why? Cause he’s Big Zoo!

TCM: Thats probably a big reason why.

Angel: Really, I feel like thats my biggest challenge. Thats it.

TCM: Ok cool. So, one last question - where are you from, by the way?

Angel: Oh, I’m actually from CT (Connecticut), you know what I’m sayin? But I’m a gypsy. I’ve been in New York seven years. You know its not where [you from], its where you AT! [Laughs]. You know?

TCM: So you have a unique perspective hosting such a prolific open mic night. Are there any up and coming artists that you’re really checking for? That you think that are really talented?

Angel: Wow, as far as like, you know, “hopefully they come out and have a record” or “hopefully I’ll see them more doing shows”, you know?

TCM: I guess both. You know, unless [you view it as] a different category?

Angel: I mean like, truthfully, you know, I just feel like theres artists that I feel like should be having way more. You know what I mean? And thats really, like, my thing. I feel like EODUB as a collective - theres so many of us that should be...Well I mean, we made it to BET, MTV2 - I’m not mad at that. And we’ve lasted this long but...

TCM: New York Times.

Angel: I’m waitin’. Yeah. The-Quotable...[Laughs]

TCM: Now you’re official.

Angel: Exactly. I’m really hoping that, you know, my family comes up. You know? Cause, I got Iron Soloman in my fam - the biggest battle champion in, you know, practically the world - and wheres his big check? Basically. Cause we’re grassroots, you know? People don’t realize that we pay every week too. We pay dues, so. You know - I want my family to come up. You know? Jess James. Sara Kana. Me. You know? Poison Pen, make a lot of money. I love you. You know?

TCM: Yo, I’m looking forward to his album coming out (The Money Shot) on August 4th.

Angel: Super excited. Super excited.

TCM: We appreciate it, Angel. It was a pleasure to meet you.

Angel: Anytime! Thank you so much. And we’ll see you every Sunday at the longest weekly Hip Hop open mic in NY?

TCM: Of course. I’m covering the event now, so I’m a regular. Thanks again.



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