Wordspit's The Illest - A Poet's Haiku & 147 Word Review of The Coolest BBoi Stance

New video from The NYC Underground:

I can't front, I'm a sucker for hungry Emcees. Not hungry frontin' Emcees. You know, cats that talk about how hard they're hitting the studio but never seem to have any output, any product, anything to proves they're actually hungry.

I'm talking about Emcees that ooze passion when they spit. Emcees that not only rhyme hard, but rhyme hard with a purpose, with direction, with content. Undeniable Emcees with a work ethic that supplements the talent.

There's a cyclone coming out of Brooklyn - East New York to be exact. His name is Wordspit. And homie is hungry. McDonald's Supersized-type hungry. Trust.

Not only is this video over-dose dope (shouts to directors Robin Winter & Adam Donald), but Wordspit's 2009 Mixtape, The Coolest BBoi Stance, was one of the illest The Company Man never reviewed...

Contemplating procastination...

Muttaskut it, here's The Company Man's 147 word review of The Coolest BBoi Stance:

At 18 tracks in length, Wordspit compiled a surprisingly diverse mixtape loaded with neck-snapping, boom-bap production, oddball slash clever samples, and passionate yet capable lyricism. The System of a Down sampled "Chop Suey" and "Poet's Haiku" highlight Wordspit's ability to merge cadence, delivery, and word play like a seasoned vet. Where the sublime Coco Ciroc assisted "Hello Good Morning" proves Wordspit can downshift for pop appeal, "Not A Joke", and "Rap City" reminds the cypher's next rhymer he/she better come spit game tight. "Sign On The Dotted Line's" rumbling bassline and sick chorus is a must listen and arguably the mixtape's most potent cut. But all ain't good for The Coolest BBoi, "New Life's" predictable hook and overly emotive flow sounds contrived, and the plethora of interludes and thank yous dilutes replay value. And in the end, whats more important than replay value? RATING: QQQQ

Oh, and for the unaware, you'll be seeing a lot of Wordspit as he is now starring in McDonald's national TV spots along with the good people over at DollarVanDemos. Hungry indeed. Supersized things ahead for East New York's Coolest BBoi.




The Company Man said...

'A quotable mcdonalds commercial' could be dope...

Otherwise, I appreciate your bravery and all around internet gangstadom, "Anonymous".

Iam Wordem Up said...

muttaskunk it? who writes this shit.

video was dope. song was eh. i agree w/ anonymous. wtf is a poets haiku? seems redundant, like writers novel, no shit.

DAT Nigga Wain said...

i dont kno what the fuk a poets haiku means either. but the video was dope and homie can rap better than half these sack chasers picking up mics. get a new hustle lazy bastads..