The Company Man hates Lil Wayne

“Man, you don’t even look like a Hot Boyz fan.”

That’s what Troy Fluker said to me while our squad kicked Guerilla Warfare favorites back and forth, waiting for the next run of pick up hoops. I realize that The-seventeen-year-old-Company-Man worked at The Gap, and Basic button downs and Loose-Fit jeans didn’t exactly scream “I Need A Hot Girl.” But we lived in South Carolina, and they had The South on lock in 1999. Of course I was a Hot Boyz fan!

I just didn’t like Lil Wayne.

I’d go on to have an ignore/hate/respect relationship with Weezy F. Baby. Wayne’s nasally delivery and nursery rhymes locked him in a dead heat with Turk for “The Hot Boyz Worst Rapper Award.” Other than the occasional suitable hook (“Respect My Mind” for example), Wayne did nothing but get in the way.

B.G. and Juve were the show. Wayne and Turk were the side show.



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Anonymous said...

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DAT Nigga Wain said...

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