Exile Talks "4 Track Mind", The Difference Between Working With Blu and Fashawn

Exile crafted the sound bed behind two of the 2000s most critically acclaimed rap albums, now he’s releasing his own.

The Southern California producer arguably best known for his work with Blu on Below The Heavens and Fashawn on Boy Meets World -- and to a lesser degree, as one-half of Emanon with Aloe Blacc -- prepares for the release of his solo debut, 4 Track Mind coming in October. Following his performance at the 2011 Rock The Bells on New York City’s Governor’s Island, BrooklynBodega.com asked Exile about the difference between working with Blu and Fashawn, his transition to stepping behind the mic, and his view on the producer-turned-rapper stigma.

Brooklyn Bodega: It’s gotta feel kind of cool after rocking with two of the artists you always sound the most seamless with then coming off stage and getting mobbed by people. You guys have a very strong fan base. You guys are resonating with a generation. How does that feel to you?

Exile: Yeah man. It feels good. I’m definitely doing what I set out to do -- manifest destiny, so to speak. That’s all I ever wanted to do was just connect with people and be able to have them enjoy my art form.

Brooklyn Bodega: What’s the difference between working with Fashawn in the studio and Blu in the studio?

Exile: Well it depends on which Blu you’re talking about. If you’re talking about the Below The Heavens Blu, the difference is that we live closer together so we got a little more building time. But Fashawn actually just moved to [Los Angeles] so we’re working on The Ecology. Really it’s the same shit. We just build and try to make the best music possible. We just keep on creating until we have a little pile of songs to choose from. Actually, they’re both pretty similar. They’ve both put out records and have gotten to shine. Now we’re both on our second ventures working together, even me and Blu. It’s the same shit. We’re just trying to make music that, first of all, we’ll enjoy and, second of all, the people will enjoy.

Brooklyn Bodega: You’ve got 4 Track Mind on the way. You rhymed on Below The Heavens. You rhymed on Boy Meets World. What made you decide to put together a full project?


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