The Notorious BIG - Life After Death

Brooklyn Bodega President, Wes Jackson, tends to drop subtle jewels of Hip Hop history whenever in conversation.

Casual conversation. Business conversation. In the office. At the bar.

Whenever. Wherever. Whatever.

Considering that he’s been in The Industry professionally for fifteen plus years, and around The Culture his entire life — its not surprising. People who love what they do also love to talk about it.

Wes is one of those people.

Kick it with him for a few and you’ll inevitably find yourself beamed to a world where De La regularly rocked on tour, ‘Premo only made beats for Gang Starr, and “Uncle Ralph had the only camera there.”

Toss Bodega Radio co-host Nikon in the room, and suddenly its like watching Hip Hop’s version of The Sports Reporters, or one of those Hall of Fame Inductee pre-shows where experts and others behind the scenes delve into historical significance.

Weighty opinions from those who were there.

Higher perspectives from people who know more about this than you.

Wes hit The Company Man with this jewel a couple months ago: “Life After Death was the first rap album commercially marketed to each region in the country.”


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