"Make The Music WIth Your Mouth, Biz" Beatboxing Coming To BK

“I enjoy beat boxing because I’m scrawny, white and very, very nerdy. And when I can drop a beat, people freak out!!” — Bert Boxer, Stafford, VA

Beatboxing has come a long way since Buff Love and Doug E. Fresh.

What began in Hip Hop’s motherland — New York City — has become a culture all its own in countries abroad. Beatbox battles, conventions and competitions take place world wide, annually growing in popularity, shining a solo spotlight on the sometimes forgotten 5th Element.

The World Beatbox Association (WBA) and Humanbeatbox.com are at the forefront of this movement. Since 2003, they have organized and hosted the International Beatbox Convention (BOXCON) — an international convention focused on the human voice, musicality, creativity, and, as Biz Markie would say, the art of “making music with your mouth.”


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