Two KRS ONE Shows In Two Weeks....

Two KRS shows in two weeks…this happened both times.

Nearly twenty-three years and twenty-two albums following his Boogie Down Productions debut, you’d think the routine of rocking mics on the reg would feel, well, routine.

Boring even.

Countless classic tracks. Countless fans that have witnessed him rock countless times. A brand new generation of Hip Hop heads born since his undisputed reign as THE alpha Emcee.

After two decades of edutaining audiences worldwide, even a legend with God like presence such as KRS ONE would battle his own personal disinterest at some point, right? Its human nature.

There was an interesting dynamic to the last two shows the Blastmaster blasted through (MIND BODY SOUL at The Knitting Factory, and Farewell Forever Fresh at Southpaw): the true, off the top, freestyle.


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