PACKFM - "Happy Days"

"Remember when everybody was all like 'Hip Hop is dead' and 'Fuck Bush'? Yeah, you know, yesterday. Now everybody's wearing Obama shirts and we got songs called "LOL Smiley Face'" - PACK FM

New infectiousness from PACKFM.

Forever an ill lyricist, once again Pack doesn't pump fake. "Happy Days" is loaded with eye-opening truisms and dope quotables commenting on the state of the industry all over a supremely clever sample from the 70s TV show. Shouts to producer Tonedeff. I don't care if the new year just began, this is an early contestant for beat of the year. FACT.

“Things have been so bad and people are so eager to just be satisfied that they lowered their standards for everything, but we can do better than that. Its like if a kid scrapes his knee and you give him a lolipop, he stops crying, but at some point you’re going to have to fix that wound.”PackFM

Dopest Quotable:

"Perhaps its just a gap in between the generations / when 140 characters passes as a statement. /
Maybe I'm too concerned with the situation. / You may think that I'm complaining but at least I ain't complacent. /
For years they've was feeding you lunch meat only. / Now they're giving you spam instead of bologne. /
Hate to break it to you homie, regardless what they told you /
you're still eating garbage. Its time for some soul food."

And check the video: