NILESDAVIS.NET - The Aristocratic

Niles has this line that everyone will hear When the Clock Strikes...:

“I be the cinematic, Illmatic addict, aristocratic /

leaving rappers bluer than picture-graphics of Democratics /

based on Election Night. / Protect ya neck. I might /

swing a Gza Liquid Sword and Etch-a-Sketch ya life.”

Clearly my prose does little to accurately convey the gravity of his cadence and top-tier delivery, but if you know anything about Niles, you know it sounds official. Regardless, these four bars allude to one of the dopest aspects of Chadwick Phillips the Emcee - his innate ability to show you exactly who he is without taking too much time to explain. He’s concise and conscious and quick to lyrically get in that ass. Even stylistically, Niles is a little to the left of the rest. You won’t catch him rocking kicks on stage, opting for jeans and brown dress boots instead. Last night, while performing at a packed out Southpaw he touched down in an ill charcoal and black, velvet-like blazer complete with black tie and overcoat draped over his shoulders, Slick Rick style - Kangol tilted brim-low. “Aristocratic” indeed.

And his live show hits like Obama’s Website.

With that being said, The-Quotable is amped about his, what seems like forever-in-the-making, mixtape When The Clock Strikes XII... Honestly, mixtape isn’t the correct category for this project. The theme behind it is much deeper and much more conceptual than the average “mixtape.” I’ll stop there for now. You’ll have to wait until its release next month. Thats right, just in time for the Holidays.

Until then, make sure you check out his new website, NILESDAVIS.NET. He’s got pics. He’s got videos. He’s got chat messages. He’s “doin‘ it big”.

Word to Robert Freeman.


Also, NILES is taking it to the stage with his broadway show "WHEN THE CLOCK STRIKES XII" in conjunction with his upcoming release. Details below:

Event: The JN Group Presents: Niles on Broadway "When The Clock Strikes XII"
Start Time: Thursday, December 17 at 11:00pm
End Time: Friday, December 18 at 1:00am
Where: Producer's Club

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