Welcome to the 10 Dollar Bill Show - The Roots (FREE DOWNLOAD)

11:04 PM. Like Black Moon, Black Thought enters the stage.

Charcoal peacoat draped over his purple and white button-down. Classic navy Yankee fitted tilted over his right eye - brim low. Swagger tight. The Roots resident Emcee coolly clutches the mic as the band grooves into the opening set of this night's Jam session.

Arguably the hardest working group in Hip Hop, The Roots have blessed New York City with a fourteen-show-series (entitled The Jam) at Manhattan's Highline Ballroom while doubling as the house band on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Packed with guest appearances, The Jam vibes more like an eclectic mix of musical soundscapes than the quintessential Roots concert. Front man ?uestlove guides the band through a funky array of production as Black Thought kicks various verses from the group's illustrious catalog.

They're not playing songs from their albums. They're jammin'.

The best part? A ticket only costs 10$!

Thats whats poppin' in a financial crisis...getting your money's worth.

Download the live version of The Jam HERE (part 1)
And HERE (part 2)

Catch the Roots, The Jam at Highline Ballroom weekly at the Highline Ballroom each week through June 23rd.

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