The Upside to the 1st Quarter

Something unexpected happened while in the midst of another 1st Quarter inexplicably void of major Hip Hop album releases (click here for The Quotable's 1Q 2007 rant) - I stumbled into a Big-Pun-load-of-upside.

Upside - an encouraging positive aspect (

Since there weren't any major (read: highly anticipated) album releases to sink into, analyze, and internally debate whether or not they lived up to the build up, I was forced to raid record stores and dig into the e-crates in hopes of discovering something new...something fresh...something different. And what do you know, I did - ill ish in all mediums. So rather than hoard all of this dopeness for myself, leaving heads in ignorance; The Company Man steps back from hiatus with that ish for Quotable Nation to savor.


6. Celebrity Connect Four might not be as retarded as it sounds

I ran into this clip of Kanye West and Superbad's Jonah Hill playing Connect Four. Honestly...those two muttaskuttas made "chess for dump people" supringly entertaining. Check it out:

2 things stand out: (1) Kanye's remix of Lil' Wayne's "Lollipop" is for real for real. Like, like that, like that. And honestly, the self-proclaimed Best Rapper Alive should smack himself in his tatooed eye-lids every time he even thinks of jumping on a track with the Louis Vuitton Don if he wants to keep the illusion of holding that title entact. For the second time in 9 months, 'Ye roasted Wayne mic to mic (don't forget the shalacking he laid on Wayne on Graduation's "Barry Bonds"). This verse here negates every bar Weezy laid on that track. Don't get me wrong, Wayne more-than-did-his-thing...its just that Kanye did his better.

And (2) Celebrity Connect Four might not be as retarded as it sounds. Given the right personalities in the right setting with the right amount of drugs and alcohol (for both contestants and viewers alike) - you never know what kinds of entertaining-ignorocity might spill out. Imagine Mike Tyson vs. Vince Vaughn. I think I'd pay to see that matchup.

On another note, aren't we about 4 years late on a Mike Tyson reality show?? When is that ish coming out? Seriously, I'd watch Mike Tyson do anything. And the show wouldn't have to be about the once-Iron-Mike struggling to make a potential comeback. Oh no, no, no. We need to keep this based in reality. It would only have to follow Mike on a day-to-day-basis and people would tune in. Imagine the terrified expression on the face of a reporter during an interview as Mike threatens to stomp on her children's testicals. Picture him eating cereal and talking to himself. Or rolling with him and his entourage making it rain in the strip club followed by the shook look on a stripper's grill as she leads Kid Dynamite back for a private dance (does he even have an entourage? I don't know. But these are things we'd learn about Mike on the show). The potential unintentional comedy is off the charts! Tell me I'm lying...

5. Just because music television stations no longer play music videos, it doesn't mean that great videos aren't still being made.

3 quick exaples:

A. Kanye West released the video for the Chris Martin assisted "Homecoming" dropped relatively on low, but honestly might be video of the year. Its simple and perfectly portrays the song itself. Even the cuts to Chris Martin (who, judging by the missing Chi-City in the background of his clips) fit. Check it for yourself:

B. "Rising Up" by The Roots featuring Wale (pronouced Wah-Lay) and my baby Chrisette Michelle (homegirl has the perfect voice. I think I'm in love with Chrisette Michelle) might be video of the year runnerup. The beauty shop backgrop is dope, and Wale came correct when Black Thought passed him the mic. Homie's been making some noise on the underground for a while now, but my boy Sean P introduced me to the DC Emcee's music a couple of months ago. What I heard then was nice...but not on point like this verse. The rhyme scheme is dope and the content is fresh. Tightest line: "So good rappers ain't eatin. / They Olsen-twinin'".

C. My man L-U-P-Emperor dropped, not one, but two videos off his chart-topping album, The Cool. I know I already posted these, but bump that, I'm posting them again, muttaskuttas. Because thats whats poppin in 2008! And congrats to Lupe for officially going gold with his sophomore album. 500,000 copies in 4 months in this economy is an accomplishment.

"Hip Hop Saved My Life"

"Paris, Tokyo"

Both videos are Cool (pun intended), but for some reason I don't completely trust Lu' without his specs. Its just feels awkward - like watching Snoop Dogg and his wife interact on his clearly-scripted reality show, "Father Hood." Theres something missing.

4. New Hip Hop-esque experiences

My homegirl Enid P over at All About Style convinced me to check out the Murakami exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum, and the ish was tight. Murakami is a Japanese artist slash designer that does a lot of work for Louis Vuitton. He also designed the album cover for Kanye West's third album, Graduation. Check out EP's illegal pics from the visit:

I don't whats more sad - the fact that someone old-school bootlegged a museum exhibit, or the fact that I posted a bottlegged museum exhibit on The Quotable. Either way, the video was animated by Murakami, just to give you a sample of his style.

Check out All About Styles coverage here.

3. Lupe Fiasco's "Superstar" Remix featuring Young Jeezey and T.I.

Of couse Lupe's verse is ridiculous, but whats shocking is Young Jeezey's performance. I mean, for someone with a chronic case of lyrical deficiency, homeboy came correct.

2. Catching up on albums that you mightve missed

I bought a good amount of music this past quarter; following up on albums that I've heard about, but haven't had a chance to hear. Devin the Dudes's album Waitin to Inhale (probably the funniest/raunchiest album I've bought in years), Black Milk's Caltroit, MF Doom's Mmm...Food, Guilty Simpson's Ode to the Ghetto, Matt Costa's Unfamiliar Faces, and most notably Blu & Exiles Below the Heavens (review coming soon), all have a lot to offer - all definitely kept me fed during the annual 1st quarter famine. Some of these will get reviewed here at TQ, and some won't. But either way, all of which are quality.

And the number 1 upside to the down quarter...

1. Each passing day is one day closer to the 2nd Quarter.

Now the second quarter is the beginning of prime time new music season. Artists and record labels finally get it together and finally release new ish in the 2nd Quarter. Concert season opens in the 2nd Quarter. On the horizon in 2008: Kanye West's "Glow in the Dark Tour" featuring Pharell, Rhianna, and Lupe Fiasco, Lil' Wayne's habitually delayed The Carter III, Nas's controversial Nigger, Kidz in the Hall's The In Crowd, Jay-Z and Mary J. Blige tour, The Roots' anticipated Rising Down, Common's Invincible Summer, west coast beast, Crooked I's B.O.S.S. (definitely check that one. freestyle below), The Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival, Foxy Brown's comeback attempt Black Star Diva, Bun B's first album sans the passing of partner in rhyme, Pimp C - II Trill, Usher's Here I Stand, Nelly's Brass Knuckles...well maybe Nelly isn't the best example...but you see where I'm going with it.

Now meet Crooked I. Gone.

Carry on...

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