The Company Man's Resolutions: 2008 in High Definition

(in my best Leon Phelps lisp)...and I read:

- Deliver at least 1 Quotable each week. 2007 flew by in a blink and by years end I only had 26 posts. Piss poor. I mean, its not like I didn't have anything to say...its just that sometimes I get stuck on that n**** ish (procrastinating 'til its time to worry) and productivity suffers. Daily posts seems a bit much for a non-writer like myself. Weekly posts feels like the right number so I'm going with that.

- Attend at least 3 services at my roommate DJ WillsofSteel's church. Just about every sunday morning I migrate from my bed to the living room couch, catch a solid 90 minutes of VH1 re-runs/Sportscenter highlights, fall back asleep only to be re-awakened by my homeboy getting ready to go receive the good word. And every Sunday morning I have the same exact thought: 'Maybe I should go with him...' Then like clockwork, I get off the living room couch, migrate onto the office couch, and proceed to have a smokin' good time wasting the day watching OVGuide. It never fails. Its not that I feel guilty for spending my Sunday's the way I do (I honestly believe the Lord doesn't judge me by the way I use HIS day), its just that Will's church seems like a lot of fun. Everyone I've met from their is hella cool and its another avenue to meet new peeps. Gotta expand my network in '08.

- Write more Top 'Whatever' Lists. I always read Top 'Whatever' lists online, in magazines, wherever - regardless of whether or not I'm actually interested in the subject. The Quotable should have a few too.

- "Smoke and Drink Less" I jacked this one from my boy Sean P. The beauty is in its vagueness. Truthfully I like smoking and drinking and don't feel its a problem in my life. But since neither is exactly healthy, dialing it back a bit is probably a decent idea. But seeing as there is no true measure for success here, I'll just have to go with how I feel. I'm not drinking right now as I write it feels like I'm off to a promising start.

- Read at least 1 book each month. To me, reading is like exercising...I hate doing it, but I love how I feel at the end. Gotta do more of it.

- Follow up on 'Writers Wanted' ads. My homegirl MM has been great about keeping in the loop on various industry happenings, and writing opportunities. I've checked out several events, but have yet to follow up on any of the 'Writers Wanted' opportunities. I guess inside I've doubted my skills and never wanted to put myself out there like that. Fear of rejection is so 2007.

- Be impeccable with my word. "Why shoot the breeze about it when you can be about it" - Nas

- Work out at least 1 time each week. To me, excercising is like reading...I hate doing it, but I love how I feel at the end. Gotta do more of it before end up looking like Larry Holms - flabby and sick.

- Take an NYC vacation. I can't front, I'm blessed to have the job I the industry I'm the city in which I live. NYC is a dope dope place, but I get so caught up in my own routines that I fail to appreciate it often enough. Therefore, in 2008, I'm going to take at least 1 week long vacation and stay in The City. It'll give me a chance to catch up on the world I've been missing.

- Buy a condo/co-op...or at least come closer to it. I started saving in early 2007 and can actually accomplish this one (in certain neighborhoods) now, but not the way I want to. All the fly spots are just outside of my range. Rather than settle...I'll just keep saving.

- Interview at least 1 MC, 1 DJ, 1 Graphiti artist who makes their living in The Culture.

- Do something BIG for my parents. My mom's been talking about turning the deck into a sun room...maybe thats a good place to start. Gotta give back to the people who gave me everything.

- Make at least 1 Youtube video. I dunno...this just looks like something fun to do.

- Go to a New Orleans Hornets game. Chris Paul is doing some amazing things on the hardwood these days. Homie looks like a young Isaiah Thomas (the baller...not the team/league wrecker) out there and his stats are on par with best point guards in NBA history! I haven't been this intrigued by a player since I hung up my kicks. Which brings me to my next resolution...

- Start hoopin' again. I haven't played ball consistently since '06. Thats the longest hiatus I've taken from my first true love. Its time to end the streak in '08. Enough time has passed.

- Stop comparing other rappers to Lupe Fiasco. Cornell Westside is waaaay too far ahead of the game...Its just not fair to the rest of 'em.

- Carpet the stairs and get a front door for the apartment. It seems like my landlord is constantly renovating this brownstone. His last makeover has gone on for 6 months! No doubt that the place will be off the chain when he's finished, but right now we don't have a door to our floor and no carpet on the stairs. How do you keep a spot looking fresh if you track saw dust inside everytime you walk in?

On second thought, maybe that should be my Landlord's resolution.

Carry on...


Anonymous said...

Sounds Good

ENID P. said...

Daaaammmnnn... that's a lot of stuff to do in one year. I like it though..

Enid P.

Anonymous said...

Man I feel you on a lot of those resolutions. Especailly the exercise and reading thing. I just finished a book this weekend and bought a new one today. I don't like doing it but love writing on blogs about how "I am soooo well read". I will be checking the quotable and doing my best to get people to check it out too. I really like this one. It is a toss up between this entry and the Andre 3000 entry. Keep up the good work! I am proud to say I know you! keep doing yo thing!

Anonymous said...

'fear of rejection is so 2007'...LOL! luv it!