Live on Fight Night

As much shit as Game talks gotta respect homie's improvement over the past year.

This cat's had his back against the wall, fightin' not to get Ja Ruled by 5-0, and not only did he arguably win the battle (or at the very least broke even) but he came out it a new-and-improved MC. Every leaked track released from Mr. Chuck Taylor has been crack! Hands down.

But the real reason to respect him is because he makes no qualms about WORKING on his flow. Game openly admits in interviews that he WRITES 100 bars a day...thats 700 bars a week...36,400 bars a year! Thats nearly unheard of in Hip Hop today. Most of these 'MCs' front like they hit the booth and spit it one take; tryna be the next HOV ("We don't believe you. You need more people!") .

Not Game.

The production was ridiculous, but Game's debut album, The Documentary revealed multiple holes in homie's flow; repeatedly contradicting obviously premature boasts:

"I'm lyrically Kool G Rap on these Dre records" - Westside Story: The Documentary

But rather than kick back and bank on platinum status attained since his 2005 debut, Game's been warin' with G-Unit and writin his Chucks off. You Have To Respect That.

So for that reason alone The Company Man's checkin for Game's sophmore set, The Doctor's Advocate (11.04.06). Ironically, he doesn't have the Doctor's production (nor Fiddy's hooks for that matter) in his corner for round 2...but Game's put the work in so...Its Okay. One Blood.

The fights about to start. Pretty Boy Floyd in a decision.

Carry on...

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