Two bumbling British baddies get snagged lurking outside the home of an English pop-princess with bag full of bad intentions. Sounds like the plot to a Guy Ritchie film. You know, “Snatch” or “Rock & Rolla” or something like that.

The reports that two men were apprehended on suspicion of conspiracy to rob, and possibly murder, singer Joss Stone on Wednesday. Upon their arrest, authorities found a samurai sword, blueprints to the R&B sensation’s Devon mansion, ropes, “forensic-style overalls” and a body bag packed inside the would be assailants red Fiat Punto.

Stone’s neighbor’s noticed the fishy Fiat parked outside of her home and notified the authorities.

Kevin Liverpool, 33, and Junior Bradshaw, 30, were immediately arrested on “possession of offensive weapons and being equipped to steal” and remain in custody at the Heavitree police station in Exeter.

"Our officers are currently carrying out reassurance patrols and it's important to stress that no properties have been burgled and no individuals have been harmed," says lead investigator, Detective Inspector Steve Parker as reported by BBC. It is unknown if Stone was home during the time of the arrest, but apparently her mother was seen at the house that morning.

Joss Stone is the fifth wealthiest British and Irish star under the aged of 30. She’s sold tens of millions of records, earned tens of millions of dollars and toured the world ten times over. She’s British Pop-royalty who’s close friends with actual Royalty -- since her and Prince William are tighter than Jim Jones’ shirt.

The combination of all of that immediately screams that loitering outside of a high-profile residence in broad day light with ropes and a samurai sword in a bright red Smart Car...err...Fiat Punto with plans to accost Britain’s blonde-haired Beyonce is the exact opposite of a prudent criminal planning. Seriously, this is less like Ocean’s Eleven and more like “Let’s Nab Oprah.”

Beyonce has blonde hair too, but you see what I mean.


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