All we hear is Lupe this, Lupe that...What’s the deal with Atlantic, Lupe? Lupe, why’d you call President Obama a terrorist? What's Wasulu doing on Bill O’Reilly?

The Chicago lyrical enigma has spent much of the past nine months headlining Hip-Hop news in one largely head-scratching way or another. Whether it was his protracted public dispute with his label home, Atlantic Records or his declaration that he hated LASERS one week before it’s oft-delayed release -- on and off wax, Cornell Westside has consistently refused to bow down to the conforming pimp-hand of Corporate America. It’s officially part of the irony of his rap moniker: Lupe Fiasco.

When detailing the influence his father’s wide-ranging musical tastes had on him at an early age, Lupe states that, "[My father] played NWA specifically to make the white people at his job mad."

He continued: "So for him it was less about the content and more about the expression -- the whole movement, the idea of it, to cause a reaction, to get people to react to it, to face up to actually what was being said because in NWA there was a lot of truth. When it came time for me to connect with my peers and [decide that] this is what was going to represent me, it was NWA. It was [Eazy-E]. MC Ren, specifically. My first rap name was MC Ren. My partner was Eazy and my other partner was BG Knocc Out. My other partner was DJ Yella, and my other partner was this, and my other partner was that.”

Suddenly it all makes sense. Pre-Fisaco Wasulu latches onto the revolutionary rhetoric of the world’s most notorious rap group and their uncanny ability “to cause a reaction.” Post-Fiasco Lupe lashes back when his latest apocryphal comments causes a negative reaction, which subsequently causes an even greater negative reaction.

Wait, maybe it all doesn’t make sense. Either way, in the aftermath of his “Obama’s a terrorist” firestorm, we don’t expect to see Lupe attending any affairs at the White House any time soon a la fellow Chicagoan Common last month, or Eazy-E in 1991.

Watch the full interview below:

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