Eternia talks At Last, International Reception

Toronto-Emcee, Eternia appeared on #BodegaRadio this past Friday on and discussed her critically praised debut album, At Last and the creative process shared with Canadian producer, Moss.

“We actually totally agreed with the creative,” says Eternia.

“Anything in terms of creating the songs that you heard, we were really on the same page with. I think that once it got to the push come to shove of trying to get it out that we had a difference of opinion in. And I can say that because he’d say that too. But in the end we have ultimate respect and appreciation and love for each other. And we realized that our clashing came from us both caring so much equally about the project. It wasn’t like somebody was indifferent. Like, ‘Whatever, dude. Do what you want.’ We both cared so much. I think that passion, you can hear it on the project.”

Eternia has built a solid international following through independent projects Where I Been, It’s Called Life, Where I’m At -- The Setup and a raucous live show. And, although she’s toured and performed all over the globe, she’s still surprised by her world-wide recognition. “It’s like one of those things where I under estimate the reach until I go to certain countries,” she says. “We toured with Pete Rock and CL [Smooth] in November and December out in Europe and it’s like you don’t really know how many people know you until you show up and you’re like, ‘Yo, they’re spitting the lyrics. How do they know this?’ That always surprises me. Always. It will never stop surprising me probably.”

At Last was released in June 2010 on Fat Beats Records and features several guest appearances including Joell Ortiz, Rah Digga and Maestro Fresh Wes. When asked about her next project, Eternia stated that she’s “taking a lot of time to wait on God.”

“Most people in the business find that crazy because it’s one of those things where you’re just trying to stay relevant,” she says. “You’re trying to align yourself with people that people are checking for. You’re trying to stay busy and promote and do all these things. I call it “default artist mode.” Record. Release. Tour. Promote. Record. Release. Tour. Promote. It can become like a robot and I’m trying to step out of The Matrix, step out of robot mode and really be intentional about when I’m on stage, when I’m in the studio and what I’m releasing.”

Eternia also revealed that she and Moss have a collaboration coming soon on Apathy’s next project. “I don’t know if I’m allowed to say what it’s called but let’s just say that we’re all really excited about it,” she says.

Eternia's #BodegaRadio interview


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