Charmingly Ghetto, Steve Jones Beats on #BodegaRadio

In an interview with #BodegaRadio on, Charmingly Ghetto from Boston, MA, discussed his background and his upcoming, Introspective Mind produced project, Overstanding.

“[I’m a] college educated kid. Grew up in a good home. Two parents, a lot of love, a lot of leadership,” says CG. “Day by day, the flow’s been improving. The music’s been improving. The content’s been improving. Linking up with Steve [Jones Beats] and Introspective Minds, it’s been a lot of growth.”

Charmingly Ghetto’s single, “1 More Rhyme” has been in steady rotation during #BodegaRadio’s #InboxSessions on for the past month and is produced by Steve Jones Beats, one-half of Introspective Minds (along with Winston Lord). “I heard him rhyme and I was like, ‘He’s the truth,’” says Jones who also visited the show.

Introspective Mind also produced the majority of tracks on fellow #InboxSessions staple and Atlanta native, KeithCharles Spacebar’s album, BeforeCommon Era and is entirely producing CG’s Overstanding. “[It] is dropping early May, mid-May,” says Charmingly Ghetto. “It’s about ten tracks, man. You ain’t skipping nothing, I’ma tell you that. It’s definitely a concept record going by the acronym F.U.N.K. It stands for “Forever Understanding New Knowledge.” The concept is just an over arching element of complete understanding of the direction in which I’m going and the direction of Hip-Hop I’m trying to make.”


Charmingly Ghetto & Steve Jones Beats interview part 1

Charmingly Ghetto & Steve Jones Beats part 2

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