Soul Khan On MTV2

Brown Bag Allstar Emcee and BHF Alum, Soul Khan was featured recently on MTV2's Sucker Free Countdown. In the interview, the Brooklyn by way of Woodland Hills, California artist describes his motivations for moving east and his upcoming solo project, Soul Like Khan.

"Even though the West Coast has a rich history", Soul Khan says, "I just felt like a lot of people take the easy route. I felt like I needed to go on something like a pilgrimage East to establish myself in the Mecca and if I could prove myself here then I was really worth something."

Brown Bag's resident battle rapper decided to take rap more seriously when he realized that the "shelf like is kind of short".

"You don't have too many people over the age of 25 or 26 really doing it", he says. "I gotta get in while I can and make my mark and hopefully I can do that."

Entitled Soul Like Khan, Soul Khan's solo offering features production from fellow Brown Baggers J57 and Audible Doctor, and appearances by Koncept (also of BBAS), Homeboy Sandman, 8thW1 and others.

"It's an introduction but I don't say that on the album", describes Soul Khan. "I don't get into that trap where it's like 'this is part one of this incredible saga that you have to follow for the rest of your rap life'. It's really my attempt to relate to the audience on subjects like music, women, politics, you know just everyday life."

Watch the full video below.

And for good measure, check Soul Khan on the Grind Time Battle circuit.

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ENID P. said...

What i like about him is that he's extremely relatable. It translates on camera too.