Premontion Builds A Coalition With Sum Is Greater

Premonition dropped The Build earlier this year. Now it appears he's building a coalition.

The New York Emcee looks to enlist several guest appearances, producers and artists for "Sum Is Greater", an endeavor to release one single a month for 10 months straight with the aim of uniting fanbases and connecting artists through "a mutual respect and passion for the art we’re creating."

The first single, "Be The Change" featuring Warren S. Britt and SoSoon, produced by Willie Green with original artwork by Reema Mitra is available for download below:


Read more about "Sum Is Greater" below:

Sum is Greater.

Ever since art became a driving force in human culture, artists would work together to achieve greater ideas. These efforts or collaborations led to some of the finest achievements we have had the pleasure of beholding. Collaborative art has held a special place in the history of music's progression. From Jazz to Blues musicians fed off each other in order to achieve the best results.

There is certainly a treasure in discovering and creating work alone, but there is also a level of beauty that can be attained only through working together.

When minds come together that have mutual talent and more importantly mutual respect for one another, truly magical things can and will happen.

This is the basis for my project.

I believe that through collaborative efforts artists can find out more about themselves, while achieving something great together. With "Sum is Greater" I aim to bridge together fanbases and connect artists through a mutual respect and passion for the art we’re creating.

The crux of the project will feature myself accompanied by two different MCs every installment. The producer will change every installment as well as an artist who will create an original piece based on the song.

In total five artists will be involved in each song which will drop once a month, every month for 10 months. The song will be available for free download for exactly one month until the next song replaces it. This is to keep somewhat of an exclusivity to each work. When all the projects are complete it will be presented as an album with some additional tracks.

The first installment is a song entitled "Be the Change." Featuring Brooklyn MC Warren Britt, the Queens spitter SoSoon and Beatsmith Willie Green. Original artwork will be presented by Reema Mitra which will accompany the project on the download.

I am proud to be presenting such an ambitious project and promise to all supporters and listeners they will be glad they checked for it.

Yours in Rhyme,


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ENID P. said...

This is a clever idea. I wonder if it will all sound cohesive? I know the intention is there for it to be a complete album at the end but I'm questioning if it's possible.