Quotable Videos: Fantastic Voyage

I discovered music in 7th grade.

It felt so fresh. All of it. Everything from Snoop Dogg, to Boys II Men, to Counting Crows, to Ice Cube...I soaked it up. Its like there was this new universe that lived inside my ears - and I had to focus to hear it. The Company Man hasn't stopped listening since.

Anyhow, this song was my ish back then. Truthfully I never realized on how much content Coolio packed into this track (probably since I was a 12 and lived in the 'burbs and didn't understand half of what he meant).

"I keep on searchin' and I keep on lookin' / But n***** are the same from Watts to Brooklyn. / I try to keep my faith in my people / but sometimes my people be actin' like they evil. / You don't understand about runnin' with a gang, / cause you don't gang-bang. / And you don't have to stand on the corner and slang / cause you got your own thang. / You can't help me if you can't help yourself. / You better make a left."

Now process that...along with your hair.

Damn...whats messed up is that media outlets like to portray back-in-the-day Gangsta Rap as nothing more than a mindless, violent, sexually-charged threat to Middle America. But if you think about it, Gangsta Rap was crazy conscious - largely depicting societal ills of that time. And it was a waaaay harder than the gangstaliciousness flooding todays airwaves. Those cats were ridin' on local "bitch-ass-snitch-ass-n*****s" and the POLICE. They were ridin' on Senators. Nobody was exempt. These so-called-Gs-today need raise their "gangstadom".

Another tangent. Carry on...

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