A Quotable Rant: Sean P's Throw Some D's on Dat?????

Fresh from the high of Sean P, The Quotable presents:


Lord Black people, Black people, when are we going to do better?

And if we're not going to do better, lets at least "talk" about doing better.

In one of my most recent reprieves from my New Year's resolution, I stumbled upon BET (Blacks Ending Television) where I see (for the first time in its entirety) the "Solja Boy Toldja" video (I refuse to look up how to spell his name and therefore will only spell it as his terrible talkin ass speaks it). The video begins with Souless Boy in class disrespecting his teacher. By the end of the video (after stumbling through several second-grade-level sentences, singlehandedly setting Black people back another 12-15 years) I actually witnessed Martin Luther King Jr. sit up in his grave and say "N**** what the FUCK you just say?"

'Why?' you ask? Well let me tell you.

During this trashy-ass-track, Solja Boy (yeah - the nigga with Whiteout on his fuckin' shades. That nigga. Him) says this shit:

"I got my report card had all "F"s and I told the teacher throw some "D"s on that Bitch"

OK? So now we as Black folks are requesting D's on our report cards? Thats whats poppin' in 2008????

This is what MLK died for?

Hearing some second-rate rapper rockin' a second-grade vocabulary glorify D's - as if earning them is some kind of achievement - really pisses me off! I mean, do you even earn a D??? Don't you just get those for showing up??? In my day, I was embarrassed to get D's (was "my day" really that long ago?). And when I did, I definitely wasn't proud enough brag about it. Shouldn't there be a stigma associated with getting shitty grades?? I wish someone would "Supaman that hoe"!!

(Mental Note: I can't type that fast and am slowly coming back toward the ground)

Thank you for your time, Quotable Nation. I appreciate your attention. But before I go...I want to leave you with this one homework assignment: read the Wille Lynch Letters and Lets Make a Slave. If you haven't read either before, I promise it will leave you shocked as to how something created in the 1700's is still in affecting Black people today. Willie Lynch even states that the cycle will be perpetuated for at least 300 years!!!!

Ok I am off my soap box for now. But who knows...my class got cancelled because of the snow here in D.C., so I might just grow my wings back.



Anonymous said...

Sadly thats the state of rap music these days...suckas like 'souless boy' (LOL at souless boy) get all the airtime...while the good rappers get shitted on. I should sue soulja boy for killing my braincells. good post.

Anonymous said...

soulja boy is tight. all yall old heads need to quit hatin. yall too old to hate N-E way.

ENID P. said...

wow...sean p.

Anonymous said...

Its like niggas don't know what it means to be a real nigga anymore. sometimes you gotta say things the way they need to be said...feel me? soulja boy just wants to have a good time...why niggas always gotta hate on niggas havin' a good time and shit?

Anonymous said...

you guys need facebook!

Anonymous said...

yo, when you writin' again?