[Video] Due To US Wealth Gap, Chuck D Releases “Notice (Know This)” In Response To “Otis”

Stringer Bell wanted to become “The Bank.”

The economic mind behind The Wire’s, Barksdale crime family wanted to expunge the violence from the Baltimore drug trade. He wanted to expand into real estate -- trading the risky day-to-day operations for a financier-only post high above the destruction going down on the ground below. He wanted to be detached from that tragic reality while still profiting from it. He wanted to be Too Big To Fail. He had other aspirations.

In this extended interview on Real Time With Bill Maher, Jay-Z described his brand of Hip Hop as “aspirational.”

“Whether it be for a young guy aspirational, or for an older guy, something that they can relate to...” said Forbes’ reigning Cash King. “...once you draw on a true emotion, I think the integrity of that will carry you through to now.”

Blinded by the mesmerizing glare of Watch The Throne’s jubilant jet-setting kneels a frustrated population weathering the results of the Great Recession: homes lost, wealth gone.

A Pew Research Center study reported the “median Hispanic household lost 66 percent of it’s wealth from 2005 to 2009.” Black Americans watched their wealth evaporate by 53 percent. Asians households lost 54 percent of their wealth. In total, 33 percent of US citizens lost an average of 58 percent of their wealth. White Americans, by contrast, lost only 16 percent over that duration.

These declines have led to the largest wealth disparities in the 25 years that the bureau has collected data.

Under this sobering umbrella, gratuitous forays by n**** in Paris revel in their detachment from a tragic reality while still profiting from it. Aspirational Hip Hop now comes littered with lines like “N***** hate ballers these days,” blind to the economic destruction going down on the ground below. Even in the polarizing critical wake of throne watching, expectedly, the album broke sales records. Sean Carter became “The Bank” immediately after expunging Dame and Biggs. Now he’s fully accomplished Stringer Bell’s dream. He’s Too Big To Fail.

"Respect to you two heroes...,” says Chuck D on his own, Otis Redding sampled release, “Notice (Know This),” addressing Ye' and Jay directly in response to "Otis."

“...but trickle down got us less than zero."



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