Stalley Talks Maybach Music Group, Upcoming Album

Stalley Talks Maybach Music Rumor, Upcoming Project

Posted by The Company Man on Wednesday, July 6, 2011 · 1 Comment

Rick Ross is looking like the new 50 Cent these days. Platinum selling albums. Check. Complete mainstream radio saturation. Check. Fraudulently pimping the name of a real life gangster as his rap moniker. Check.

It’s a bit eery, really. 50 Cent broke big after pinning Ja Rule for “singing for hoes and sounding like the Cookie Monster” then bait and switched his career only to end up “singing for hoes and sounding like the Cookie Monster.” And when the smoke cleared after 5-0’s watered down one man assault on Ricky Rozay — dropping Pimpin Curly video after Pimpin Curly video complete with a Vegas romp with Ross‘ ex-Misses — ironically, “Officer Ricky” is the one still standing looking like he as an “S on his chest.”

It appears Mr. Maybach Music’s Maybach is actually bulletproof.

But what’s most interesting about Rick Ross’ recent industry domination is the diverse range of artists affiliated with his bourgeoning record label. Along with Meek Mill, Wale and Pill, Maybach Music Group raised all eyebrows with the rumor spread that Massillon, Ohio native, Stalley is also underneath the umbrella. “You know, it’s coming,” Stalley told The Well Versed at Brooklyn Bodega’s Media Day for the 2011 Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival, confirming his pending signing. “We’re working out the paper work but it’s pretty official.”

He continued: “That’s one of the reasons why I was so comfortable going over there, because [Rick Ross] knows music and he’s a lyricist. He knows the formulas and he knows how to make great songs. We all know he’s a great beat picker. He has a great ear. And that was a compliment too, for him to come and say he was a fan of me and wanted to actually have me over there and be a part of that family was just great because I know what type of ear he has. So for him to hear me and hear that is [great]. There’s no question about it.”


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