This one was conducted by YanceY and The Company Man.

I’m quite sure that if we could somehow harvest the energy form Mash Out Posse (M.O.P) performances, we could easily power a small nation for months. Unfortunately, until recently, M.O.P live shows have been as scarce as rent controlled apartments for lease. This all changed when M.O.P decided to grace the stage at the Brooklyn Bodega Hip-Hop Festival. M.O.P members, Lil Fame and Billy Danze gave the crowd an electric, pulse-pumping live show, featuring a medley of their rap anthems. Few groups in Hip-Hop have managed a better stage presence and show than M.O.P. This feat is particularly amazing given the size of the duo’s catalog in relation to artists that have been in the game as long as M.O.P. Five seconds into “Ante Up” and the Hip-Hop festival crowd was jumping exactly like an over-caffeineated mosh pit should. After killing the set, I was able to catch up with Lil Fame for a few brief words:

Brooklyn Bodega: How do you feel about rockin’ a Hip-Hop fest like this versus an indoor club?

Fame: Man, we love this type shit right here, everybody came out and showed us love in our back yard. We rock clubs and shit too but this is where it starts.

Brooklyn Bodega: I’m almost 30 years old and I’m ashamed to say this, but I have to. Probably last year or the year before, I was listening to [Biggie’s] “Warning,” and I’ve been rhyming that song half my life. I just recently realized that he was talking about you when he says, “That’s my n**** Fame up in Prospect. / Nah, them my n*****. Nah. / Love wouldn’t disrespect.”

Fame: Yeah. BIG’s the homie. I knew BIG since way back when he used to rhyme like Chubb Rock. He used to go to the same people’s crib I used to go to make music.

Brooklyn Bodega: Where were you when you first heard that line? Was that a surprise to you at all?


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