Bodega Radio, Friday, January 28th with Kalil Kash and Kandys

Brooklyn Bodega Radio

Friday, January 28, 2011

Guests Kandys, Kalil Kash

The Company Man (@thecompanyman) attacks the busy week that was, discussing 50 Cent's marketing genius in claiming credit for causing WorldStarHipHop's brief stint off line, the State Of The Union address by President Barack Obama and why Redman just might be the Greatest Rapper Of All Time. Later, alternative Hip Hop pop singer, Kandys (@kandysmusic) comes through and the two discuss her Queens upbringing, her rapid career trajectory and Janet Jackson influences. Brick City's own Kalil Kash (@kalilkash) steps in and discusses his upcoming album, Kingdom, Spike Lee's "Absolut Brooklyn" and his gift for crafting infectious hooks.

Also, this week's #InboxSession features music from Donny Broc, Kandys, Kalil Kash, Premonition, NPXW, REKS, Conscious, Willie The Kid, Jakk Frost, Tall Black Guy, Savant, Fokis and more...

Microphone check...check...check...check...


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