Eating At Etons

Dumplings and Sliders and Saimin and Shaved Ice all in the same locale can only mean one thing: "Hipster Asian" has descended on Vanderbilt Avenue.

Located on 635 Vanderbilt Ave. between St. Marks and Prospect Place, Eton introduces an eclectic mix of Hawaiian-inspired Asian cuisine to the local food scene.

Owner, Eton Chan, 31, grew up in the restaurant industry, working his way from busboy to bartender to manager at his parents' fine dining Chinese restaurant in Chicago.

"I went to college at Rutgers University and came back on vacations and helped my parents out. [Then] I was the delivery boy, so pretty much they trained me to do this" said Chan.

After receiving his degree in Economics, he spent the next four years in New York City as a stockbroker, before leaving the spoils of high finance to pursue his passion.

"I went to culinary school, The French Culinary Institute. After graduating [from there], I worked over at Cafe Gray and the Asiate at the Mandarin Oriental. Then I got married."

Chan and his wife Krista, fell in love with shaved ice while honeymooning in Hawaii, and decided to bring it back home with them.

"Brooklyn needs this", he thought and quickly combined shaved ice with the dumplings he served at parties and for friends. "[My wife and I] were like, 'Let's do shaved ice and dumplings and serve some noodles with it and see how it works'. I quit my job. Had a grand opening on Henry St. [in Carroll Gardens] and just went from there."


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