Dee-1: "Jay, 50, And Weezy"

I like the concept for this track.

Dee-1 (or The One Man Army as he's been dubbed) is from the 504 and, according to his bio, "is often described as a mix between Common and T.I.". Lofty comparisons suck like Hoover since they rarely hold true and most are provided by sack riders trying to big up their blog by bloating an artist's actual skill. Regardless, homie's pretty fresh and packs a non-preachy message. Think: The exact opposite of Talib Kweli. Or Jean Grae. Or the rest of Bittersmith, err, Blacksmith Records with a Nawlins' drawl. No, there's nothing wrong with un-lofty comparisons.

Download Dee-1's mixtape, "I Hope They Hear Me" HERE and visit his webiste, if you're feeling the "One Man Army".

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ENID P. said...

"im trying not to point but I hope you get the point!"- I like this line...