CDM, Fresh Out The Box Celebrate Justt Landed

Picture one of those trendy loft-style New York venues. The kind of venue that looks equally modern and neo-expressionist, like a starter studio for Andy Warhol or Jean-Michel Basquiat. The kind where the bathrooms look like the ones in your apartment and the possibility of a bedroom lurking behind any of the handful of nondescript doors is highly likely. Picture a plethora of industry types decked in the latest fashions, sipping on those skinny black straws leading down to those little plastic liquor cups filled with free, corporate sponsored alcohol, arched like a cypher, all head nodding to the live percussion, soaking in the lyrics of that night’s God-Emcee.

And at the center of it all, grooving like Pusha-T when he’s rocking the mic, stood the Brooklyn born, Queens bred Emcee, Justt, smacking the crowd with jam after jam, owning his moment. Owning his introduction.

Last night, in New York’s NOHO neighborhood, CDM and Fresh Out The Box sponsored a mixtape release party for Justt, celebrating the artist’s latest project, Justt Landed. caught up with Justt following his incendiary showcase. Justt filled us in on his current project, his upcoming mixtape, Human Civilization and his thoughts on the state of New York Hip-Hop.

BB: You’re getting a great response from your performance.

Justt: I’m just happy everybody felt it. Please check out the website, The mixtapes there download for free. Got some heat on there. I’m working on the EPK. It’s so fresh that I don’t even got the title yet, but the next mixtape is called Human Civilization. It’s a problem, gotta check that out too.

BB: Now, you’re from Queens.

Justt: Yeah, I’m from Queens. Originally born in Brooklyn. Shout out to Marlboro, Coney Island. Then I moved to Shadyville, Queens.

BB: For Bodega readers who might not be familiar with you, how do you describe your sound?

Justt: I’m very versatile. The record I did, the remix is “Something About Us” with Daft Punk. At the same time I can go on a grimey beat. In this day and age, you have to be versatile. Versatility is key. I love rocking on electro Hip-Hop and I can definitely jump on a Premo kind of feel.


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