Common talks Just Wright, The Believer, Hip Hop's Evolution

Common’s covered much ground during the past eighteen years.

Since tossing his lyrical Kangol into the Hip Hop arena in 1992, the Chicago Emcee has released eight critically acclaimed albums, won two Grammy Awards, sold over two million records, undergone a seamless name change and racked up enough props from peers and fans alike to garner mention as one of the all time greats. Considering the quality of his rap resume, Common The Lyricist has nothing left to prove.

That does not mean that additional artistic challenges do not exist for the Emcee born Ronnie Rashied Lynn, Jr. Since 2002, Common has slowly compiled numerous acting credits to his name, guest appearing in sitcoms “Girlfriends”, “One On One” and “Scrubs” and filling supporting roles in feature films Smokin’ Aces, American Gangster, Wanted, Terminator Salvation and Date Night.

“I felt like there was something out there creatively that I wanted to do” Common stated during a recent media blitz promoting his latest film, Just Wright.

“It was right [after] Like Water For Chocolate — I kept finding new things about music that I love — but there was something inside of me [saying] ‘Man, I want to do something else creatively.’ I feel like there is something out there that I really want to do but I didn’t know what that was. And acting was that. It was just an instinct I had in me because I tried to mess with the piano. I tried other things but it wasn’t clicking for me. I felt like I hit a ceiling with music to a certain extent. Even though I ended up doing the album Electric Circus just to break [through] that ceiling that I felt I had reached, but that’s what really inspired me to get into acting.”


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