Two Buffalo Gals Go Round The Outside...

While fact checking my upcoming Ralph McDaniels interview, I stumbled across this uber classic video by Malcolm McLaren...

Uncle Ralph states in this interview with that, out of the thousands of videos he's played on his ground breaking TV Show, Video Music Box, "Buffalo Gals" was his favorite.

Not surprisingly.

"Buffalo Gals" looks like Hip Hop circa 1983. Genre bending, racially inclusive, scratch-tastic boom bap bass line, B-Boys, B-Girls, graffiti, New York name it. Even the Hip-Hop-Ho-Down dancers somehow fail to feel out of place.

"Two Buffalo Gals go round the outside, round the outside, round the outside."

So that's where Eminem got this from:

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Jay Fingers said...

Haha, yes, that's where Marshall got that from. Classic, classic, classic. Oh how I wish I'd experienced hip-hop in the NYC in the 80s. :(