Johnny Voltik - Now You Know About It

"I'm on the line between graffiti and calligraphy" - "Break Something"

Vintage yet Fresh. Style yet Wild Style. Beanie Seigel yet Basquait. He's "on the line between graffiti and calligraphy." 'He' being Johnny Voltik. And Johnny Voltik is NICE.

Weilding a mic and a guitar[1], Connecticut-born, Brooklyn resident Johnny Voltik meshes minimalist, snare-heavy, boom-bap production with trippy, pyschedelic strings over a soulful soundscape. Think Are You Experienced meets Criminal Minded - popular sounding without sounding Pop. Laced with head-nod enducing beats and infectious melodies, his latest mixtape, Missile Factory Mixtape Vol. 2, is diverse, untiring, and unapologetic. Sure, homie gets his croon on here and there, but don't be mistaken - Johnny Voltik is an Emcee. And watch out when he busts...its like gettin' hit by a bus.

"I be rockin' without a care. / Black bourgeoisie? / Geez. / I'm like laisse faire. / Heads get mad like 'why's he here?' / Approaching you like your dad like 'why were you there?' / Smack you up like your mom like 'whats wrong with your hair?' / [Now you're] Cryin' to your grandmom like 'its not fair!" - "Zombie"

But the quality of Voltik's live show is what separates him from the lames. Rockin' with his four-piece band, The Blackbirds, Johnny Vo commands a bum-rushing set loaded with energy, crowd participatation and lyrical dexterity. Its attention-snatching. Eye-clutching. Its as if he understands what it means to be an MC[2]. But don't just take our word for it. Judge for yourself.

Catch Johnny Voltik & The Blackbirds on Sunday, January 11th @ The Annex on Lower East Side...

...or hit him on his myspace page

"You ain't know about it. / Now you know about it..." - "The Illustrious"

"The Illustrious"



[1] Thankfully, Johnny Vo stays away from the Rock-Rap-Trap. Sure, sometimes it comes out legit (The Roots, Kid Rock). But most times its straight toilet paper - covered in shit (Limp Bizkit, Everlast).
[2] I had a pretty dope interview with Johnny Vo following last month's Missile Factory Mixtape Release showcase, but iPod#3 finally crashed taking the entire session with it. Its like they build these things to last a maximum 0f 2years. Once again, Chris Rock is correct - the moneys' on the comeback. No worries Quotable Nation...The Company Man will do his best to re-up on Tuesday following his next show. Bet.

Carry on...


Anonymous said...

gyeah johnny voltik is a madman live! i'll be @ the annex fo sho!

Anonymous said...

this is some fresh new hip hop for the underground y'all! the future of hip hop check him out live

Anonymous said...

Dat shit Open was pretty dope. He got skillz.

Homeboy Sandman said...

this cat is nice.

ENID P. said...

where is the Obama coverage?