Bill O'Reilly Blasts Jay-Z, Young Jeezy

Now, I normally bypass Bill O'Reilly at all costs. Can't pump the breaks for racism. No thanks. No time.

Keep it moving.

But after observing Dennis Miller's cynical-simple-mindedness here (hearing him rant about the impossibility of wind and solar power is like listening to some of history's most progressive thinkers. You know, minds like Robert E. Lee, and those who said Man will never be able to sell bottled water. Seriously, he was probably the guy clutching his type-writer while the rest of the world logged-on. And referring to the President of the United States as 'my man' is blatantly disrepectful to the office. But no one ever accused Fox News of being a classy organization. I'm not feeling the Wolverine look either. Fire your stylist, Dennis. Its a recession. No one will blame you), I couldn't help but wonder what these guys are like off camera. Do they truly live the pseudo-reality they pimp too their Right-wing viewership? Or are they just trying to get that red-neck money?

Maybe they're more like this:

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