Evolving Taste - A Quotable Conversation

Theres something sexy about talking Hip Hop with a dope chick whose knowlegeable about The Culture. D and I fall into these deep, occassionally theoretical, often anger enducing conversations on a fairly regular basis. This one took place over gmail chat the week 808s & Heartbreak (click here for review) and Theatre of the Mind (click here for review) dropped, and evolves from an album-quality-discussion into album-taste-discussion. Pretty interesting. Read on.

(...begins right after reading The Quotable's review of 808s & Heartbreak.)

TCM: so thats what i thought
Danielle: got it. i agreed with most of what you said.
i don't think his content is necessarily bad, i just don't think people will really listen
TCM: i didn't think the content was bad
i thought a quarter of the album was suspect
and the rest was pretty dope
its about the beats in my opinion
Danielle: i agree, but i have a feeling it wont do very well
TCM: not by his standards...i agree
it'll go plat though
i think it will expand his fan base
Danielle: b/c it has his name on it
TCM: while pissing off the core
Danielle: yup
we learned that in marketing
disruption of your core consumer base can be a problem when its a highly competitive market

TCM: but its not that competitive right now
Danielle: that's what i was going to say. lucky for him
overall i probably wouldn't listen to it more than a couple of times
i like some of the tracks and there are a few lines that i really really like
TCM: Amazing is amazing
or maybe - amazing is Amazing
Danielle: yup. amazing. love lockdown.
and heartless.
TCM: welcome to heartbreak
Danielle: it actually makes me a little sad
to be honest
TCM: me too...
thats what i like about it
Danielle: but you don't like sad stuff
TCM: i don't gravitate towards it
Danielle: no. do you really feel like you are missing something in your life not having love and family? that was a sad part of your quotable
TCM: i do. but at the sametime i don't think thats something i should rush into until I'm absolutely ready
Danielle: so you have no need to be sad about it
b/c in someways its voluntary and a product of your own personal timing
TCM: but i'm not sad about it
i didn't mean for it to translate that way
Danielle: are you going to do one for luda?
TCM: preliminary reviewing now
MVP is crazy!
i've listened to it 4 times now
in a row
Danielle: hmm. you know, i might actually take back what i said about kanye's album
TCM: what do you mean
Danielle: i agree with you. it might do well not just with the same people
but i don't know if that's a good long term strategy
sorry...always putting on the b-school approach to things
TCM: thats cool though...always teaching me something
i think he'll be cool cause he's still dropping freestyles and guest appearances consistently
go hard
swagger like us
stay up
estelle's joint
he's still rhymin this isn't permanent
lollipop remix
common's new joint
John Legend's album
Danielle: listening to mvp to see what you are referring to
TCM: mvp is illllllll
Danielle: luda is always telling people how great he is
napoleon complex or something
TCM: thats hip hop
he can take it other places too
but freestyle tracks are my favorite
Danielle: u think still? that hip hop is still about bravado?
i don't know if i still believe that now
TCM: sure it is...
all the biggest emcees stay on that shit
its just not put out there commercially in the same way
labels steer it towards the club
Danielle: i dunno j. mvp is ok.
i don't see him doing anything really different on this track
TCM: what???
the beat is sick
luda is droppin lines on that!!
I'm going back to it right now
Danielle: the beat is cool (for me it holds the song up) but that's about it
it reminds me of a slower version of that Virgo song he did with Nas for some reason
TCM: that song was hot too
Danielle: yup. introduced you to that song
the beat is a little old school, no?
its a cool beat but...
TCM: ''damn man, what the hell you smokin' on / its ludacris, i got more cheese than provolone''
yeah...thats why the beat is dope
thats Premiere
Danielle: i swear he has said a similar line to something like that before
TCM: i love the beat
Danielle: maybe thats what not working for me with the song then
TCM: "takin' shots like Kennedy!!!!"
Danielle: tight old school beat with same luda lines
TCM: whooooaaaaa
Danielle: is the whole cd like this?
TCM: ouch
nah..theres a lot of story telling and perspective rhymes
i don't know what happened to you, D. i thought you'd love this song
i got that one all wrong
Danielle: haha. yeah. i think you thought i would like it a lot for the beat
TCM: the scratches are ridiculous
aight...here's a song you'll like
Lets stay together
Danielle: you know what it is
TCM: what is it
Danielle: i think i "hear" a lot more than i used to in the past
TCM: You'll love Do The Right Thang...infact...listen to that one now
Danielle: i like this one better
TCM: yeah...thats your ish
back on track
Danielle: maybe i'm leaning more towards conscious hip hop in my old age?
TCM: yeah...you are
i am too
its more intellectually stimulating
but i still love ill cypher rhymes
Danielle: yeah. i think in terms of order of listening
i hear what folks are sayin first
then i hear how they are saying it (ie: flow, rhyme etc)
then lastly i listen to beat
i think when i was younger that order was reversed
TCM: yeah...i can tolerate a wack beat if the lyrics are dope
but not as often the other way around
Danielle: precisely - well those are mostly club songs so you can shake ur ass to it regardless of what they say - u know "till the sweat drip down my balls" type stuff. which is maybe why i didn't gravitate to MVP. i heard what he was saying first and it just reminded me of some of his older albums
that shit was funny
"til the sweat drip down my balls!!"
"now drown a bitch! drown a bitch!!"
Danielle: lol
TCM: yeah...but MVP isn't sweat drip down my balls type shit
Danielle: im not saying it is
what i'm saying is that i heard what he was saying
rather than listening to the beat first
whereas a couple of years ago.
i would have listened to the beat first
TCM: but what he's saying is dope
Danielle: and probably would have liked it more
i'm not saying what he says isn't good. its just typical luda
perhaps i was looking for something more?
i'm not sure what...
TCM: luda's always been like that
freestyle tracks
Danielle: i know. which is why i'm not sure why i was expecting more.
TCM: and concept tracks
and just recently started adding emotional tracks
Danielle: yeah. at first i wasn't sure how i liked luda and emotion but it works ok
if i want to think about heartache and longing though, i'll go to kanye's album
thats the truth
full circle
Danielle: yup.

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